Festivals & Events
at Carreglwyd

There’s a beautiful phrase in the native Welsh language of this land, ‘Dod ol at Fy Nghoed. It translates as ‘coming back to my trees’, but in it’s deeper meaning, carries something like, ‘returning to a balanced state of mind’

Carreglwyd is home to Gottwood Festival and Tonnau Tropical Garden Party.



Gotwood has come a long way since its first event in 2009, but nothing has drastically changed. Gottwood is still a small, boutique, and wholly independent electronic music festival. It is set within beautiful coastal woodland, around a hidden lake, folded into the landscape, next to the sandy beaches of the Irish Sea. The location is like no other place you will have been, like something out of a fairy tale, or your most lucid dream. The area was described by Lonely Planet as the “Greatest Region On The Earth” in 2012.

Visit the Gottwood Website for more information, this years line up and tickets.


Tonnau Tropical Garden Party

A weekend of live music and djs, culture, food & drink spread over five stages in the stunning grounds and woodland of Carreglwyd Estate.

We source as much of our food and drink as locally and sustainably as possible and employ local staff, crew and stewards in order to benefit the surrounding economy. We are a completely independent festival and build it with on friends, volunteers and community spirit to keep afloat, we can’t wait to see you in July!

For more information and tickets visit the Tonnau Website.


Earth Echo Collective x Love Support Unite

Modern life can often overwhelm us with packed schedules and high emotions, leaving us little time for self-care. Moments of meditation or brief getaways can feel insufficient or merely temporary escapes. What if there was a retreat offering lasting tranquility you could revisit anytime?

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